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The Future of the Union and Devolution - The State of the Constitution: Constitution Unit Conference 2022

Episode Summary

The third panel from our 2022 conference, The State of the Constitution.

Episode Notes

The UK’s ‘devolution settlement’ is unsettled. Alternative visions abound for how to achieve stability: through ‘muscular unionism’; by reforming intergovernmental relations; through wholesale federalisation; or by breaking up the Union. What is the current state of each of these options? How are they likely to develop in the foreseeable future? In so far as they are implemented, what impacts are they likely to have? 


Lord (Andrew) Dunlop – Conservative peer, and former Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Scotland Office and Northern Ireland Office
Professor Laura McAllister – Wales Governance Centre, University of Cardiff, and co-chair of the Independent Commission on the Constitutional Future of Wales 
Sarah Sackman – Public and environmental lawyer, Matrix Chambers
Professor Michael Keating – Emeritus Professor of Politics, University of Aberdeen, and Fellow of the Centre on Constitutional Change 

Chair: Professor Alan Renwick – Deputy Director of the Constitution Unit, UCL